Crowder Software

Software design, implementation, and delivery

Crowder Software is a small software engineering consultancy, consisting primarily of me, T.J. Crowder. Although I'm the only full-time employee of Crowder Software, I have further resources I can call on when a job requires it.

You can use the links at left to explore my skills, experience, and current availability. Basically, I'm a software engineer and consultant. I've been doing this for a while. I take pride in my work and try to do it to the best of my ability. Sometimes I blog about technical things that interest me.

I'm in this business because I find it interesting and challenging. As a consultant, I like to be involved early on in a project; I think most projects succeed or fail early on, during the requirements and technical design stages, and so I like to be involved there. But I can pick up the ball and run with it at any stage, bringing a customer-focussed, pragmatic approach while keeping true to the fundamental engineering principles which must underlie any successful system.

Recently I've been splitting my time between the Microsoft world (.Net, VB, Windows), the Linux and Java worlds, and the web development world. I've been doing a lot in JavaScript lately. I've also been doing a lot with Global 360's enterprise document management, workflow, and business optimisation products (currently called "Process360", formerly called "Process 360" [with the space], "Enterprise NX", and, before that, "ViewStar"). Please check out the Skills and Experience links for details.

I'm a UK and American citizen, currently living in England. I work primarily from my office in the midlands (via VPN, etc.), but I do on-site work periodically in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. depending upon the needs of the engagement.

Thank you for coming by.
T.J. Crowder


Software/Solution Design

I bring a customer-focussed, pragmatic approach to all phases of software/solution design. Requirements, technical design and documentation, planning, development, delivery, and maintenance are all familiar ground. I'm most useful when brought in early, during requirements or technical design, but I can pick up the ball and run with it at any stage.


In person and in writing, I communicate effectively at the end-user, technical, management, and executive levels. I believe communication is the fundamental skill of a good engineer.

Java, XML, SQL/databases, JSPs/servlets

I've been working with Java off and on since 1996. Most recently I've been developing enterprise-level infrastructure using Java on top of Oracle, MySQL, and other databases. (See also the Technologies section.)

.Net, C#, Visual Basic, ASP (Active Server Pages), Microsoft SQL Server

...e.g., the Microsoft world. I've been working with Microsoft technologies such as these since 1995. All of my ViewStar/Global 360 work (see below) has been with these technologies. (See also the Technologies section.)

Global 360 Enterprise NX / ViewStar

I've worked extensively with Global 360's enterprise document management, workflow, and business optimisation software (Enterprise NX, formerly ViewStar BPM and ViewStar 5.x). I started with their Professional Services department (back when they were called Mosaix), then moved into Engineering (when they were owned by Lucent), before leaving to pursue software design and Java-based work with a London-based firm (Corizon). As an independent, I've done work for Global 360's Education and Engineering departments. Recently I've been working with their UK organisation as a delivery partner for key projects, including the first ViewStar BPM upgrade in the UK (for a large healthcare charity in London), and the first deployment of their Revenues and Benefits administration application View 360 for the London Borough of Brent. I'm also working with Brent to develop a council-wide invoice handling solution to reduce costs and improve their key targets.


I believe in using the right tool for the right job, and so over the years I've developed competence, or even excellence, in a variety of computer languages and technologies. I continue to be happy to learn more as the need arises. Currently, the list looks something like this:


  • Java - very strong
  • JavaScript, C# - strong
  • Visual Basic - strong
  • VBScript - fairly strong
  • C - once very strong; not recent
  • C++, Delphi/Pascal - not recent

Miscellaneous Technologies

  • Java Server Pages (JSP), servlets - strong
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) - strong
  • .Net - fairly strong
  • SQL, JDBC, databases - competent
  • XML, DOM, HTML, CSS - competent
    (this document is valid HTML5 and CSS 2/3, for instance)
  • Active Data Objects (ADO) - competent; not recent
  • COM - competent in Visual Basic (not C++)
  • Java applets - competent
  • XSLT - not recent

Specific Vendors


I've been a software professional for 20 years.

Primarily, I design and build software systems. But to me, a good engineer isn't hidden in the back corner of the basement office, coding to the green glow of a monochrome monitor. I spent my first 18 months in this industry doing front-line technical support, which is a tremendously valuable foundation course in how end users think and interact with computers and software. Since then, in addition to designing and building systems, I've written software manuals, created training courses, delivered training courses (mine and those written by others), developed sales presentations and demos, managed teams of programmers, get the idea. If the job requires it, I do what's necessary for the job. And that tends to be interesting and exciting.

I've spent most of those 20 years as an employee of one company or another; I went independent in early 2002.

My CV / résumé has details of the above.


Please contact me to check my current availability. Although the majority of my time for the next three months is already booked, it's always worth our discussing your requirements as I do have some flexibility and can sometimes work things in. If I'm not able to help, I may know someone who can.

CV / résumé

You can view and download my CV / résumé with the links below:

Thank you again for your interest.
T.J. Crowder


Please feel free to drop me an email at I'm an UK and American citizen, currently living in England. I work primarily from my home lab, but I do on-site work periodically in the U.S., UK, and Europe depending upon the needs of the engagement.